Backups (snapshots) in Magento Commerce Cloud

Backups(snapshots) in adobe commerce cloud

Hello Magento Devs, In this tutorial, We are going to learn about how to backups (snapshots) your environments with snapshots in Adobe Commerce Cloud. You can manually backups(snapshots) the database and files stored in mounted volumes (var, pub/media, app/etc) in Starter and Pro Integration environments.

Please note that,
The backup feature is not available in the Pro environments as this environment comes with Regular backups for disaster recovery purposes by default.

You can manually back up the active Starter environment using the backup button in the cloud console or using the magento-cloud snapshot:create command.

Some useful CLI commands for backups(snapshots)

Some of the backup/snapshot-related commands are provided in the CLI as below.

CommandDescription / Usage
magento-cloud snapshot:create –helpFull list of options / Help command
magento-cloud snapshot:createThis command will create a snapshot of the current environment
magento-cloud snapshotsThis command will list & return information about the snapshot status
magento-cloud snapshot:listThis command will list all available snapshots
magento-cloud snapshot:restore <id>This command will restore the snapshot by giving the Snapshot ID
magento-cloud snapshot:delete <id>Delete an environment snapshot
magento-cloud snapshot:get <id>View an environment snapshot (get information), if <id> is not provided it fetches the recent one

Some key Points to remember:

  • You can perform manual backup using Web Interface / Magento CLI
  • You have up to 7 days to restore a snapshot.
  • Snapshot options are available for all Starter environments and Pro Integration environments.
  • You cannot snapshot Pro Staging or Production environments (It provides automatic backup).
  • You can submit a support ticket to request a special backup or to restore from a specific backup providing the date, time, and timezone in Pro Staging or Production environments.
  • The above special backup needs to be restored manually by yourself

That’s it for this tutorial. See you in the next Adobe Commerce Cloud topic.

Thanks for reading… Keep Deploying 🙂

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